Back in April 2018, the idea to build an African Open Access repository was born at the first AfricaOSH summit in Kumasi, Ghana.
The launch was covered a.o. in English by Nature Index, Quartz Africa, AuthorAID, and in French by Afro Tribune and Courrier International.

We are proud to announce, that at this year’s AfricaOSH summit in Yaounde, Cameroon, we will be hosting the Open Access track.

Focusing on DIYBio & Sustainability in 2020

The Africa OSH Summit 2020 will be held in Yaounde, Cameroon, from 14 to 16 May 2020, under the theme ‘Growing the Do-It-Yourself & Do-It-Together (DIY/DIT) Culture for Community Transformation’. It will be hosted by Mboa Lab.

The summit will host workshops, discussions and conferences on making, hacking and DIYBio for a wide range of stakeholders to engage with the processes of design, co-creation, problem-solving. Additionally, participants will be engaged on how the open science & hardware movement can contribute to sustainable change in Africa. Ultimately we aim to achieve an ecosystem for innovation that is locally adapted, culturally relevant, technologically feasible, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable

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Open Access track

This year, members of the AfricArXiv team will facilitate the Open Access track at AfricaOSH.

We will share the agenda and details of that track and as well as preliminary information and resources on topics circulating around Open Access in the African context on the interface of academia and other sectors.


We have set up a crowdfunding campaign on the platform.

Open Collective is a platform where communities can collect and disburse money transparently, to sustain and grow their projects.

Your contributions will go towards:

  •  covering travel expenses & accommodation of AfricArXiv team members
  • planning, facilitation, and documentation of the Open Access track
  • overall admin and logistics support to the AfricaOSH organizing team in Cameroon
  • Travel stipends to selected AfricaOSH participants

About AfricaOSH

Africa Open Science and Hardware (Africa OSH) Summit is a grassroots effort to bring together researchers, technologists, hacker hobbyists, educators, government officials, and start-up innovators around the world. |


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