Support the AfricArXiv preprint repository and the people behind the scenes. In order to sustain the AfricArXiv services, maintain and grow the community and platform, we provide individuals as well as institutions with the following means to financially contribute to our work.
Our expenses include:

  • building and maintaining the AfricArXiv platform
  • community engagement
  • marketing
  • service fees (web hosting and other service partnerships e.g. with ORCID, OSF, …)
  • traveling and presenting at conferences – incl. related expenses for Visa and accommodation
  • partnership building

All financial contributions we receive will be spent to one or more of the above-mentioned purposes. To discuss what exactly your given amount shall contribute to please contact us at

Send financial contributions via M-Pesa to +254(0)716291963


Via Liberapay you can support our work with recurring contributions. Payments come with no strings attached and donations are capped at €100.00 per week per donor to dampen undue influence.