We have compiled a list of Higher Education & Research in Africa stakeholders and shared it in xlsx, csv, pdf and ods format on ZENODO under Public Domain license (Creative Commons CC0 = no rights reserved)


The list contains stakeholders and practitioners in Higher Education and [Open] Science on the African continent. We herewith want to encourage closer collaboration between African and non-African institutions and visualize existing ones to encourage more of that.

An interactive map of the stakeholders in this list can be viewed at https://kumu.io/access2perspectives/he-research-in-africa

Cite as: Havemann, Jo, Ksibi, Nabil, Maina, Mahmoud Bukar, Obanda, Johanssen, Okelo, Luke, & Owango, Joy. (2020). Higher Education & Research in Africa – the stakeholders [Data set]. Zenodo. doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3743348


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