Ndị otu otu AfricanArXiv bụ ndị ọkachamara nwere ezigbo nzụlite na nka dị iche iche na mpaghara dị iche iche metụtara agụmakwụkwọ kachasị elu na nyocha na Africa.
Ọ ga - amasị gị isonyere ndị otu AfricanArXiv? Kpọtụrụ anyị ma mee ka anyị mara otu ị nwere ike isi nye aka.
Maka ajụjụ ndị metụtara izugbe, biko zite ozi ịntanetị info@africarxiv.org.

Justin Sègbédji Ahinon

AfricArXiv co-founder, IGDORE, Bénin [ORCiD]

WordPress developer with a background in applied statistics and a strong interest in open access issues in Africa as well as in the dissemination of knowledge and the means by which it is carried out on the continent.

Hisham Arafat

EMEA Applications Consulting, Egypt

Onye Nchịkwa Dijitalụ Mgbanyụ / Onye Okike Sayensị, Injin Nchọpụta & Mmepe, Nkuzi Isi Nduzi Onye Nlekọta Ihe na Onye Njikwa Mmemme Lean-Agile.

Johanssen Obanda

Director at Ndị ntorobịa Jabulani maka Mgbanwe (JAY4T), Kenya

Biochemist and science communicator with a passion for Conservation Biology and facilitates a local conservation program.

Obasegun Ayodele

Ngalaba-onye nchoputa na Vilsquare.org, Nigeria

Project manager and researcher in sectors such as health, education, construction, legal, vocational, manufacturing, and security & surveillance.

Luke Okelo

Technical University of Kenya [ORCiD]

Software engineer and researcher in next-generation technologies including mixed virtual and augmented reality, blockchain platforms, and low power air quality sensors.

Gregory Simpson

Cranfield University, England & South Africa

Research Data Manager with twenty years’ experience in digital curation and a focus on Open Access, Open Data and providing guidance on good practice in the areas of data management and Open Science.

Michael Cary

West Virginia University, USA [ORCiD]

PhD student with several years of industry experience as a data scientist. His research focuses on ecological economics, sustainability, spatial economics, and graph theory.

Osman Aldirdiri

University of Khartoum, Sudan [ORCiD]

Student of medicine, researcher, entrepreneur and advocate for openness in research, data, and education. Interested in building an open research culture in Africa with a firm belief in diversity and inclusion. Founder of Open Sudan, a national open advocacy initiative. He is also on the executive committee of SPARC Africa, an adviser for Mepee Ihe Ọmụma and on the board of directors for IHECE11.

Jo Havemann

AfricArXiv co-founder, Accessnweta 2 Echiche', IGDORE, Germany & Kenya [ORCiD]

Trainer and consultant in Open Science Communication and Science Project Management. With a focus on digital tools for science and her label ‘, she aims at strengthening Research on the African continent through Open Science.

Board Advisory

Evode Mukama

University of Rwanda

Joy Owango

Executive Director, Training Centre in Communication (TCC-Africa)

Ahmed Ogunlaja

Washington University & Open Access Nigeria

Louise Bezuidenhout

Mahadum nke Oxford (UK), University of the Witwatersrand (RSA) and IGDORE [ORCiD]

Nabil Ksibi

ORCID Engagement Lead [ORCiD]

Joyce Achampong

Executive Director, Pivot Global Education Consulting Group

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