TCC Africa’s Executive Director and AfricArXiv project partner Joy Owango talked to Africa Business Communities about its model, ambitions and the current state of higher education and research in Sub Saharan Africa.

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Joy Owango, Director at TCC Africa

The Training Centre in Communication  is a self sustainable 14 year old not-for-profit organization  in partnership with University of Nairobi.

We are a training centre that supports researchers, research institutes  and governments in Sub Sahara Africa on how they can produce  and improve  their research output and visibility […].


There are programmes like ours that exist, but they are donor funded  and the biggest challenge is that once the funding is completed the project collapses. That is why we chose not to go through  the funding model , but a business  and self  sustainable approach to  managing  Training Centre in Communcation and our success story is that we have supported  over 3000 researchers at (MSc, PhD and Profs levels) in over 70 research institutes  in over 20 countries in Sub Sahara Africa.

Laureate of the Invest2Impact Award 2019

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The Invest2Impact was a five country challenge and we competed against 800 companies in the region emerging as  the top 100 winners. The award looked at women who run sustainable organisations in the region and we won in the Higher Education category.

The current state of higher education  and research in Kenya and Sub Saharan Africa

[…] governments have committed  to spending at least one percent of their  GDP on higher education and research. So far 15 African countries  including Kenya have almost reached  this target and  have created  Science  Granting Councils, whose job is to provide funding , research support for the higher education and research sector.  This is where  we come in as a centre as we support the research and academic communities in these respective countries through training and consultancy on ways to improve the of the quality of  research outputs(academic papers, presentations) and increase their visibility, through various research support solutions and  open access data.

Plans for 2020

Create more Global North-South partnerships, that will lead to  providing more open access data for researchers in Sub Sahara Africa, thus making their research discovery process easier  and making their work more visible, which, in turn  empower  academics on getting information that can give them a competitive edge with their peers in the Global North.

Joy Owango, Executive Director at TCC Africa
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TCC Africa’s mission is to contribute to the increase in profile, locally, and internationally, of African science, and its impact on the life of Africans, by improving skills in technical communication in all forms, at academia and other relevant forums, in Africa. |

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