Team members from AfricArXiv have partnered up and are closely collaborating with other organizations like Code for Africa, Vilsquare, African Science Literacy Network, TCC Africa, and Science 4 Africa amongst others to mobilize action from a scientific and Africa-centred angle.
Please join us on the following digital tools and communication channels:

On the AfricArXiv website, you find other community channels you can join:
Here are a few starting points how you can get to work:

  • Join the platforms above and confirm your email
  • After you are onboard with Trello, you can assign yourself or be added to boards and cards that are relevant to the tasks you selected during the signup.
  • Feel free to browse the boards and the cards on Trello to join your preferred boards and cards. (you can join more than one board or card)
  • Join the conversation on Slack/AfricArXiv to share thoughts, resources, for Q&A and to discuss and plan ahead. You will find a channel called #covid19-africa-response for specific in-depth discussions, and you can also join any of our other Slack channels. 
  • If you are new to Slack you can learn how to use it here:
  • If you are new to Trello you can learn how to use it here:

Apart from the discussions on Slack and Trello, we will have weekly community calls scheduled to keep in touch with each other and re/assess tasks and strategies. Our room is at (if this fails we can also move to Zoom).
The first community call will be tomorrow (Friday) at 4 pm SAST/CAT = 5 pm EATJust ask if you have any questions and please add your ideas, concerns, and suggestions.


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