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Launch of Translate Science

Launch of Translate Science

Translate Science is interested in the translation of scholarly literature. Translate Science is an open volunteer group interested in improving the translation of scientific literature. …
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In memoriam of Florence Piron

Florence Piron was an anthropologist and ethicist, working as a professor in the Department of Information and Communication at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. As …
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Discoverability in a crisis

The Challenge of Discoverability

 AfricArXiv is working in collaboration with Open Knowledge Maps to increase the visibility of African research. In the midst of the discoverability crisis, our collaboration …
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Decolonising Research Methodologies

Decolonising Research Methodologies

AfricArXiv is contributing to decolonisation by promoting an understanding of decolonisation through preprints; accepting preprint submission in both lingua-franca and native languages, and enabling …
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Call to action: COVID-19 Rapid Review

Originally published at: africarxiv.pubpub.orgCite as: AfricArXiv (2020). Call to action: COVID-19 Rapid Review. AfricArXiv. Retrieved from As a supporter and signatory of the COVID-19 Publishers …
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Press Releases

2021-05-06 Launch of Translate Science 

2020-12-17 AfricArXiv receives JROST Rapid Response Award

2020-12-04 TCC Africa & AfricArXiv win at ASAPbio sprint

2020-12-02 AfricArXiv supports COAR on their Input to “Data Repository Selection: Criteria that Matter

2020-11-23 AfricArXiv supports the virtual Chatbot Africa & Conversational AI Summit 2021

2020-11-19 COAR, TCC Africa and AfricArXiv sign partnership agreement

2020-10-22 AfricArXiv and COS partner to support pan-African research

2020-10-13 AfricArXiv in a nutshell – what we do, our achievements and our roadmap

2020-09-22 Call to action: COVID-19 Rapid Review

2020-07-08 Addressing Science Literacy in Africa Through Open Access

2020-04-23 Knowledge Futures Group and AfricArXiv launch Audio/Visual Preprint Repository on PubPub

2020-03-13 Why African researchers should join the Psychological Science Accelerator

2020-02-27 ORCID integrations on OSF, ScienceOpen and Zenodo via AfricArXiv

2020-01-27 Strategic partnership with ScienceOpen

2019-05-23 Strategic partnership with Open Knowledge Maps

2019-04-18 Strategic Partnership with IGDORE

2018-06-25 The Center for Open Science and AfricArXiv Launch Branded Preprint Service

Press Coverage

2021-08-18 African languages to get more bespoke scientific terms, Nature, doi: 10.1038/d41586-021-02218-x (en)

2021-08-18 Les langues africaines pour obtenir plus de termes scientifiques sur mesure, ecomag (fr)

2020-03-13 African preprint server creates info hub for coronavirus research, Research Professional News (en)

2019-10-15 Multi-directional academic knowledge exchange from and about Africa, eLearning Africa News Portal (en)

2019-10-15 Échange multidirectionnel de connaissances en provenance et à propos de l’Afrique : à la découverte de la base de prépublications AfricArXiv, eLearning Africa News Portal (fr)

2019-09-24 Open Access: AfricArXiv facilitates knowledge exchange between Africa and Europe, ZBW Mediatalk (en)

2019-09-24 Open Access: AfricArXiv erleichtert den Wissensaustausch zwischen Afrika und Europa, ZBW Mediatalk (de)

2018-08-24 Introducing AfricArxiv – a preprint repository for African researchers, AuthorAID guest post (en)

2018-06-29 Africa’s preprint platform: a gateway for mother tongue science, University of Cambridge, Cambridge Africa (en)

2018-06-28 Africa’s preprint platform: a gateway for mother tongue science, Research Africa (en)

2018-06-27 A research platform for African scientists will take papers in local languages, QUARTZ Africa (en)

2018-06-27 AfricArxiv: la plateforme qui veut partager la science en langues africaines, AfroTribune (fr)

2018-06-27 La plateforme des chercheurs africains pour donner plus de visibilité à leurs travaux, Courrier International (en)

2018-06-25 African scientists launch their own preprint, Nature Index (en)