We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the AfricArXiv hosting and maintenance on the Open Science Framework (OSF). 

We received 101% of our fundraising goal 1,099.00 €, which will cover our AfricArXiv OSF Budget for 2020 including OSF 2020 fee, reinvestments in our roadmap, and financial transaction fees.

With special thanks to:

  • everyone who generously contributed to this goal.
  • everyone who shared our cause or invited a friend to participate.
  • the team at the Center for Open Science for working with us to ensure sustainability of our services.
  • the team at OpenCollective for providing a transparent way to display our financial streams: https://opencollective.com/africarxiv 
  • our partner organisations, who work with us to build a decentralized, African-owned scholarly communication infrastructure for all researchers on the continent.
  • the AfricArXiv community including researchers who have submitted their work, our followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Github, WhatsApp and newsletter subscribers, all without whom none of our achievements would be possible.

Discover the research in and about Africa archived at OSF: https://osf.io/preprints/africarxiv/discover 

To see all options on how to submit to AfricArXiv please refer to https://info.africarxiv.org/submit/ 

Information about how you can support our work and join the AfricArXiv community is available at https://info.africarxiv.org/contribute/ 

Checkout our main website for more information about AfricArXiv: https://info.africarxiv.org/


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