If you are a researcher, you are probably familiar with the research lifecycle and all the challenges and opportunities that come along with it. It is good news if you are a researcher from Sub-Saharan Africa because our partners, TCC Africa and Eider Africa have announced their collaboration to offer mentorship in that regard. 

TCC Africa and Eider Africa have got into a formal partnership to support early career researchers through mentorship in their research lifecycle. One of the major challenges self-sponsored early career researchers face is understanding their lifecycle from research proposal to publishing. Limited lack of support in this process, contributes to the dropout rate in postgraduate studies. With this in mind, both TCC Africa and Eider Africa will fill a gap by providing peer-to-peer support for early career researchers.

TCCAfrica will be offering training in scientific communication and publishing courses, while Eider Africa will provide mentorship and support on the research lifecycle for both members of the community. Early career researchers will need to sign up for the TCC Africa Courses so as to get support for the mentorship.

So far, at least 900 researchers from Sub Sahara will receive peer mentorship through this partnership.

More About EiderAfrica

Eider Africa is an organization that conducts research, co-designs, and implements collaboratively, offline, and online research mentorship programs for scholars in Africa. We train mentors to start their mentorship programs. We believe in peer-to-peer learning, learning research by practice, caring for the whole researcher, and lifelong learning. We have grown a vibrant community of researchers in our research journal clubs and work with university lecturers to develop transformative inclusive research training. Our website: https://eiderafricaltd.org/

More About TCCAfrica

The Training Centre in Communication

TCC Africa is the first African-based training center to teach effective communication skills to scientists. TCC Africa is an award-winning Trust, established as a non-profit entity in 2006 and is registered in Kenya. TCC Africa provides capacity support in improving researchers’Ahaa output and visibility through training in scholarly and science communication. Find out more about TCC Africa at https://www.tcc-africa.org/about

This announcement was originally published at https://www.tcc-africa.org/900-early-career-researchers-from-sub-sahara-to-be-mentored-in-their-research-lifecycle/

Previous collaboration with TCC Africa and Eider Africa 

  • AfricArXiv, Eider Africa, TCC Africa, and PREreview are joining forces to bring together scientists from across Africa and scientists engaged in African-related research for a series of 3 virtual discussions and collaborative peer review.


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