AfricArxiv is a free, open source and community-led digital archive for African research. We provide a non-profit platform for African scientists to upload their working papers, preprints, accepted manuscripts (post-prints), and published papers. We also provide options to link data and code, and for article versioning. AfricArxiv is dedicated to speeding and opening up research and collaboration among African scientists and helping to build the future of scholarly communication.

Introducing AfricArxiv: A preprint service for Africans scientists

Our technology partner is the Center for Open Science, which hosts the AfricArxiv through the Open Science Framework Preprints server.

AfricArXiv Steering Committee

The members of the AfricArxiv Steering Committee all share the interest of making Research in Africa more visible. Their role is to provide guidance for the direction of the project, as well as to help with communication and outreach efforts.

Media coverage

Press Release: The Center for Open Science and AfricArXiv Launch Branded Preprint Service

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San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment

Join us in signing the Declaration on Research Assessment.

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