Our moderation team will decide upon accepting your submission based on the following criteria:

1) African relevance 

(ensuring one of the following applies)

  • Is one or more of the authors African? (check their linkedin profile or ORCID iD entry)
  • Is one or more listed affiliation institutions based in Africa?
  • Does the work have a direct relevance to the African continent or it’s people?
  • Is the term ‘Africa’ mentioned in the title, abstract or introduction and discussion?

2) Author list

  • all authors with their full names
  • Initials in capitals, e.g. Mohammad Ibrahim
  • No academic titles in author list

3) Affiliation

  • Academic or research institution (preferably)
  • NGO, other third party
  • International organisation (World Bank, UN agency or similar) 
  • Governmental institution

4) License

  • Preferably CC-BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Author attribution)
  • Please note that OSF has by default other licenses preselected, so probably need to ask author to double check the license chosen (accidentally or on purpose)

5) Methodology

  • Clear description of methodology which refers to the title and topic

6) Data set (if applicable)

  • Is a link to the dataset provided and is it hosted on an open data repository? If not, please ask author to include it

7) References