For more visibility for African research output, it is important that researchers make their research openly accessible. Via AfricArXiv, you can share text manuscript (preprints), already published but not yet indexed articles (postprints), datasets and presentations.

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Step 01: Collect your research

Compile any of your research results that may be relevant to provide insights about the coronavirus pandemic in Africa in a dataset, ppt presentation or text manuscript

Step 02: Before you submit

Prepare your manuscript or dataset description with your name, affiliation, contact email address and ask co-authors for their consent to share their work.
Datasets should be in a digital structured tabular format (preferably *.csv) and relevant metadata allocated to them (tags, keywords, geo-specification).

Step 03: Submit your work

Submit to any of our partner platorms following upload procedure on their website.


Step 04: Apply a license

Ensure to respect applicable copyright and license conditions for the files you upload.

For scholarly manuscripts, the most widely used license is CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Once accepted, your work will have a d.o.i. and be citable as reference in future scholarly works.

Step 05: Community Peer Review

Engage with colleagues across Africa and globally to provide and seek feedback in form of community peer review.


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