The AfricArXiv team members are professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in various fields relevant to Higher Education and Research in Africa.
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Communication and outreach

Obasegun Ayodele is a co-founder at and an experienced project manager and researcher whose work has created new openings for novel business models in sectors such as health, education, construction, legal, vocational, manufacturing, and security & surveillance. | Vilsquare WebsiteTwitterLinkedin | e-mail:
// based in Nigeria

Joy Owango is the Director at the Training Centre in Communication, TCC-Africa – the first African-based training centre to teach effective communication skills to scientists. | TCC Africa WebsiteTwitterLinkedin
// based in Kenya

Johanssen Obanda is a Biochemist and science communicator with a passion for Conservation Biology. is also the founder and director of the youth organization Jabulani Youths for Transformation (JAY4T) and facilitates a local conservation program in Kenya. | JAY4T websiteTwitterLinkedInGithub)

Ahmed Ogunlaja is a medical doctor in Lagos, Nigeria and a health policy scholar at Washington University in St Louis, USA. He is the founder of Open Access Nigeria, an advocacy organization working to promote online access to research, data and educational resources. He was named a Mandela Washington Fellow in 2016 and a Plan S ambassador in 2019. | TwitterLinkedinOA-NG Facebook page
// based in Nigeria & the USA

IT infrastructure

Justin Sègbédji Ahinon [co-founder] is a WordPress developer with a background in applied statistics. He is strongly interested in open access issues in Africa as well as in the dissemination of knowledge and the means by which it is carried out on the continent. He is a fellow and recently a mentor of the Open Leaders program of the Mozilla Foundation. | Sègbédji’s WebsiteTwitterLinkedinGithubORCID | e-mail:
// based in Benin

Luke Okelo is a software engineer and researcher in next-generation technologies including mixed virtual and augmented reality, blockchain platforms, and low power air quality sensors. Currently, he is working at the Technical University of Kenya School of Computing & Information Technology. | ORCIDResearch GateGoogle Scholar | e-mail:
// based in Kenya

Hisham Arafat is a Digital Transformation Lead Consultant / Data Scientist, Research & Development Engineer, Master Principal Solutions Architect and Lean-Agile Program Manager with global exposure and over 24 years of professional engineering and information technology hands-on experience in leadership, technical and consulting roles. | LinkedinGithub
// based in Egypt

Dillon Gabriel
– e-mail:
// based in South Africa

Preprint Submission Moderation

Gregory Simpson is the Research Data Manager at Cranfield University with twenty years’ experience in digital curation. His work focuses on Open Access/Data and providing guidance on good practice in the areas of data management and Open Science. | LinkedinTwitterGithub | e-mail:
// based in England

Michael Cary is a PhD student in the Division of Resource Economics and Management at West Virginia University with several years of industry experience as a data scientist. His research focuses on ecological economics, sustainability, spatial economics, and graph theory.  | TwitterGithubORCIDGoogle ScholarResearchGate | e-mail:
// based in the USA

Coordination and Strategy development

Osman Aldirdiri is a student of medicine, researcher, entrepreneur and an advocate for openness in research, data and education. Osman is interested in building an open research culture in Africa with a firm believe in diversity and inclusion. He is the founder of a national open advocacy initiative called Open Sudan. He is also on the executive committee of SPARC Africa, an adviser for Open Knowledge Maps and on the board of directors for FORCE11.| ORCIDLinkedinTwitter
// based in Sudan

Jo Havemann [co-founder] is a trainer and consultant in Open Science Communication and Science Project Management. With a focus on digital tools for science and her label ‘Access 2 Perspectives’, she aims at strengthening Research on the African continent through Open Science. | A2P WebsiteTwitterLinkedinGithubORCID | e-mail:
// based in Germany & Kenya

Advisory Committee

Miriam Conteh-Morgan, University of Sierra Leone

Kwasi Boateng, Valley View University, Ghana

Alfred Orina Isaac, Technical University of Kenya

Diane Igoche, Robert Morris University, USA

Justin Arenstein, Code for Africa, Tanzania

Samuel Lampa, Uppsala University, Sweden

Kathryn Kellett, University of California, San Diego, USA

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