The Center for Open Science hosts AfricArxiv through the Open Science Framework Preprints server OSF Preprints.

Submission process

PLease follow the guideline on our ‘Before you submit‘ page. In case of any questions send us an e-mail to
Additionally you may want to read through…/How-to-Prepare-Your-Preprint

Once your manuscript is ready for submission go to the OSF AfricArxiv submission portal.

  • As a first time OSF user, create an OSF account or sign in with your ORCID identifier.    
  • To upload a manuscript, simply drag and drop the file from your desktop, and then click save to begin the upload.
  • Select any relevant disciplines.

If you are sharing an article version that has been previously published, please add the article DOI to link them through. You can add any article keywords, the date of publication, and the abstract.

  • To add co-authors, please check to see if they are registered OSF users; otherwise, add them by email.

Please make sure that all co-authors are aware of, and have agreed to, submission. They will be notified upon submission of the preprint.

  • Submit your paper. Submissions will undergo a moderation for quality check and compliance with our checklist and published online within 3 to 5 working days.

To edit one of your accepted preprints, you can update the DOI entry with a newer version of the article manuscript via your OSF account. Find more information on how to do that at

You can join us in covering the fees for AfricArXiv preprint hosting on the Open Science Framework (OSF). For details please go to

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– the [Data set] is available at

AfricArXiv on OSF – presentation

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