In October 2021, AfricArXiv, the African Open Access Portal, announced a partnership with the Training Centre in Communication TCC Africa to build and manage an international scholarly community that will enrich the visibility of African research. Joy Owango from TCC Africa and Dr. Johanna Havemann from AfricArXiv share in-depth about the partnership in this podcast called Velocity of Content, hosted by Chris Kenneally, from the Copyright Clearance Center: 

Podcast: An African Platform for African Research with Dr. Jo Havemann and Joy Owango

“This is a platform by Africans, for Africans, on African research. It can’t get better than that,” Owango tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally.

“TCC Africa has been a very supportive advocate of our work, and we have already done work together informally, as people and organizations do in the ecosystem in a collaborative setting,” she explains. “With this formal partnership announcement, we’re here to leverage our activities and to give AfricArXiv a home in Kenya, with TCC Africa to be seen as a reliable partner for African stakeholders and institutions.”


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