In our pursuit to join efforts with African institutions to be of service for African researchers and other scholarly stakeholders, we are glad to announce our partnership with Aphrike Research.  

AphrikeResearch is a database and networking portal that provides records of researchers, students, and research managers and their respective profiles to encourage intra-Africa collaboration and inventions. 

Together with Aphrike Research, we aim to build and leverage our expertise to promote quality research output and enhance collaboration among scientists on the African continent. Additionally, we will work together to integrate search portal and collaborator matching.

Dr. Nyanganyura, Aphrike Research’s Board Chairperson says, “Innovations in science and technology are core to the sustainable socio-economic development of every nation but multi-disciplinary research collaboration can help humanity to answer bigger and more complex questions, expand the breadth, and use research results as well as maximise the impact.”

This partnership is an opportunity for AfricArXiv and Aphrike Research to support each other through active joint collaborations like funding opportunities, projects, research, and media publication visibility as we all see fit. Such projects and activities shall be undertaken through seminars, lecture series, conferences, and training workshops. 

To ensure efficient implementation and success of these activities, we have set up a joint committee that will constantly monitor and review the holistic progress of this partnership. Special thanks to  Aphrike Research and AfricArXiv’s teams for bringing this partnership to life. We are looking forward to having a fulfilling collaborative and accountable experience that will advance research in and about Africa.    

About Aphrike Research

The AphrikeResearch is a database and networking portal that provides a centralised platform for information that profiles and records African scientists, students, and research managers in order to promote intra-Africa collaboration and interventions for SDG realisation, makes easy identification of collaborators, mentors, and funding opportunities, and profile funders (specific fields/priorities/countries). The portal also mobilizes interaction between research managers, policymakers, researchers, and research students, and provides a resource for STI and R&D strategy planning – who is involved in whichever research.



About AfricArXiv

AfricArXiv is a community-led digital archive for African research, working towards building an African-owned open scholarly repository; a knowledge commons of African scholarly works to catalyze the African Renaissance. We partner with established scholarly repository services to provide a platform for African scientists of any discipline to present their research findings and connect with other researchers on the African continent and globally.



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