Vulnerable conversations between scientists – A conversation with Sarah Nyanchera Nyakeri

Sarah Nyakeri is a Kenyan Scientist, Informal science communicator, hiker and host for The Vulnerable Scientist Podcast. She is currently doing her MSc fellowship at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Kenya where she is looking for new vaccine candidates for Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia. Personal profiles Website: Sarah Nyanchera Read more…

Helicopter research and its effects on project sustainability – A conversation with Nicholas Out

[To see all podcast episodes go to] Nicholas Outa is a PhD student at Maseno University, Kenya. Currently, he is researching The Potential of Freshwater Integrated multi-trophic Aquaculture (FIMTA) in Lake Victoria to help reduce the negative environmental impacts of Cage aquaculture in the lake. He is a Trainer Read more…

Let us create a globally inclusive dialogue on Open Science Hardware (OSH) standards

“Hardware is a vital part of experiments process and advances in instrumentation have been central to scientific revolutions by expanding observations beyond standard human senses.” But making hardware and especially sharing hardware is neither an easy nor a recognized task in academia. In order to tackle this issue, some of us started a Research Data Alliance (RDA) interest group.

New Dawn for African Researchers as TCC Africa and AfricArXiv Announce Formal Collaboration

The Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa), based at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, and the pan-African Open Access portal AfricArXiv herewith announce our formal collaboration agreement with the objective of creating a long-term strategic and sustainable approach to building and managing an international scholarly community that will enrich the visibility of African research.

COVID-19 Africa Response

Collecting resources from and for all levels of African societies to coordinate COVID19-responses by African organizations and influencers Thousands of individuals and hundreds of grassroots and international organisations, CBOs, NPOs, governmental and industrial are working hard to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the African continent. We are not Read more…