Collecting resources from and for all levels of African societies to coordinate COVID19-responses by African organizations and influencers

Thousands of individuals and hundreds of grassroots and international organisations, CBOs, NPOs, governmental and industrial are working hard to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the African continent. We are not trying to replicate other organisations’ efforts, instead:

We will update this post over the coming few days and update information and resources from:

Country list:

Let us collaborate and streamline processes, interconnect platforms (GoogleDocs & Spreadsheets, Wikis, Twitter streams, collectives, …) our attempt is to make this collection as interoperable and synergetic with other Africa-specific initiatives around the coronavirus as possible.

! Note that information collected here might not have been quality-checked or otherwise reviewed for accuracy. How can this be coordinated?


Please do add comments, suggestions, questions to this doc. They will be integrated, streamlined and sorted upon availability by the admin team.

  • Information shared on our website is automatically-translated into 19 Languages spoken on the continent.
    Contact us to improve translations where you see need:


  • Stay calm 
  • The virus spreads through air droplets dispersed during sneezing and coughing, also direct skin contact
  • Wash your hands frequently 
  • Keep a minimum physical distance (1.5 meters) to other people 
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • Check on friends and relatives, esp. elderly and vulnerable people – remotely if possible
  • Ask if anyone needs assistance: food supply, social care, …
  • Collect and share information on best practices

Lessons-learned from the Ebola outbreak 

Add more references as you see fit

Please read 

Resources overview



Globally relevant and applicable in Africa

Collection of intl resources that are applicable to the African context
Please help to indicate the available languages

Tracking the outbreak

Global maps


What you can do

Online mitigation strategies

Are internet providers capable to keep up and improve their services?
Connectivity might get affected. >> – pls report

  • Read and contribute to and other online initiatives
  • Mobilize resources and transfer knowledge collected online to offline 
  • Follow trusted organisations for updates and behavioural instructions 


  • #SeparateAndTogether 
  • #CoronaVirusAfrica 
  • #Africa #coronavirus #COVID19 

Offline mitigation strategies

  • Ask relatives, friends, and neighbors if they need help with anything
  • Safety first – keep your physical distance (2-3 meters) 
  • Buy/collect vegetable and crop seeds
  • Plant vegetables if you have a plot of land

Translations into regional languages

What resources can we mobilize to mass translate vital content/infos into local African languages
Collect information in Arabic / French / Swahili / …

  • Translate all collected information from and to English/French / Arabic / Swahili / Yoruba / … infographics for illiterate ppl, those that speak local languages and kids


AfricArXiv is working towards building an Africa-owned preprint repository and is reaching out to and discussing with various other organizations and partners. Meanwhile, we are partnering with the established preprint repository providers Open Science Framework (OSF) – ScienceOpen and Zenodo.

Submit any COVID-19 relevant research and information toi AfricArXiv as a text document (preprint, postprint), presentation (PDF, PPT), infographics (PNG, PDF) >> 

Please read our guideline ‘Before you submit‘ and follow instructions on the platform of your choice.


Provide a platform where Research labs can volunteer to run PCR screenings on COVID19 DNA/RNA samples to investigate for mutants and derivatives

  • Volunteer with personnel/equipment available to perform molecular biology, clinical research tests and screens so to support hospitals 
  • Compile list of the available resource partners to implement that in various countries in Africa
  • Coronavirus ‘rapid test kits’ to be made in Senegal – BBC News 

Other Disciplines

Software & Code

Makerspaces, coding communities and innovation hubs on the continent to design immediate response and software



Ask questions: what do you need to know? 

What resources and information would you like to get?

Report on specific challenges you are experiencing or have observed or heard about


How do you self-isolate in a squatter camp / slum / shanty town?

What affordable and feasible hygiene measures can people apply?

What tips and best practices can be suggested?

How can you deliver resources to self-isolating individuals if there is poor road infrastructure and no stable delivery mechanisms?

Who do you reach out to for reliable information and advice?

  • Community health workers 
  • Local health facilities 


Collection of infographics on hygiene measures to avoid infection

Who is working on Africa customized infographics?

Please provide links and screenshots (include sources/credentials) of existing infographics

Contribute by translating into local and regional African languages

Share them on social media


Recommendations provided by CDC Africa – [Download PDF

Doctors without borders – (English, Swahili)

Medical supplies / DIY and donated equipment

List here resources where medical supplies can be found in emergency

Survey (Google Form)

Crowdsourcing information from scientists, makerspaces, coding communities

  • Make that information immediately available to the public (Google Spreadsheet, open for comments)
  • Things to ask
    • Org name
    • Contact email
    • Twitter, Facebook, ORCID, other social accounts
    • Skills
    • Comment section


License: CC-BY 4.0: COVID19-Africa-Response-Alliance

Contributing and cited individuals and organisations

Names of organisations and individuals – if you want to be cited/tagged

Your name or that of your organisation


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