Announcing #FeedbackASAP by ASAPbio

ASAPbio is partnering with DORA, HHMI, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to host a discussion on creating a culture of constructive public review and feedback on preprints. Read the full ASAPbio announcement and find out how to register for the event and to support preprint review.

Launch of Translate Science

Launch of Translate Science

Translate Science is interested in the translation of scholarly literature. Translate Science is an open volunteer group interested in improving the translation of scientific literature. The group has come together to support work on tools, services and advocate for translating science.

In memoriam of Florence Piron

Florence Piron was an anthropologist and ethicist, working as a professor in the Department of Information and Communication at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. As a strong advocate for Open Access, she taught critical thinking through multidisciplinary courses on ethics, …

Exploring publishing practices in Africa

The University World News released a report titled Study highlights concern about publishing practices, expressing the challenges that are faced by Sub-Saharan African researchers that consequently lead to few peer-reviewed articles published in the online publishing industry from the African continent.

Discoverability in a crisis

The Challenge of Discoverability

 AfricArXiv is working in collaboration with Open Knowledge Maps to increase the visibility of African research. In the midst of the discoverability crisis, our collaboration will advance Open Science and Open Access for African researchers across the African continent.  In …

Decolonising Research Methodologies

Decolonising Research Methodologies

AfricArXiv is contributing to decolonisation by promoting an understanding of decolonisation through preprints; accepting preprint submission in both lingua-franca and native languages, and enabling ownership of African research by Africans through establishing of a decentralized, Africa-owned digital repository for the African continent.