Resources, ideas, and guidelines around the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa

Since March 2020: AfricArXiv’s responses to COVID-19

Covid in Africa

A weekly podcast by Sound Africa looking at the continental response to COVID-19 and how it’s affecting people on the ground. Here you will hear about some of the systemic, under-reported issues underlying the coronavirus crisis in Africa.


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Call to action: COVID-19 Rapid Review

Originally published at: Cite as: AfricArXiv (2020). Call to action: COVID-19 Rapid Review. AfricArXiv. Retrieved from As a supporter a…

Multilingual chatbot for African citizens, researchers and policy-makers to provide quick answers around COVID-19

The German startup DialogShift and the pan-African cross-disciplinary preprint repository AfricArXiv develop a multilingual chatbot for African citizens, researchers and policy-makers to provide quick…

Scholarly publishers are working together to maximize efficiency during COVID-19 pandemic

Today on 27 April 2020, a group of publishers and scholarly communications organizations announced a joint initiative to maximize the efficiency of peer review, ensuring that key work related to COVID…

Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 by distributing hand sanitizers

An initiative gathers professors of Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan for COVID-19 pandemic mitigation.

Knowledge Futures Group and AfricArXiv launch Audio/Visual Preprint Repository on PubPub

PubPub, the open-source collaboration platform built by the Knowledge Futures Group, has partnered with AfricArXiv, the African preprint repository, to host audio/visual preprints. This partnership wi…